Unreninforced masonry buildings are no joke.

Unreninforced masonry buildings are no joke.

There's the Caryn Brooks who's an award-winning television producer in Chicago. There's also the Caryn Brooks who seems to be an activist in the Bay Area focusing on women's issues. And then there's the Caryn Brooks in England, a single mother who adopted three children.

If you’re looking for any of those Caryn Brookses, I’m sorry to inform you that you’ve come to the wrong place.

Those Caryn Brookses are my Google clones. Hello Ma’ams. We'd make a kick-ass gang, wouldn't we?

I am Caryn Brooks; political speculator, communications ninja, multimedia enthusiast, marketing hobbiest and management strategist. I embrace change in the media world and enjoy the challenge of using different media to tell a story. You can hunt me down in Portland, Oregon where at one point I played the role of Communications Director for Mayor Sam Adams...who recently played the role of the Assistant to the Mayor on Portlandia. You do the math.

Besides living in Portland, I completed a six-year tour of duty in New York City. Staff spots in Manhattan included stints as the Arts & Entertainment editor of time.com, Managing Editor of an editorial site at Getty Images and the Arts & Entertainment editor of a new media imprint at The Associated Press.

I came to Manhattan in 2003 to complete an arts journalism fellowship at Columbia University. The National Arts Journalism Program was my generous sponsor, allowing me to study at the school for a year. Another slice of my fellowship time was spent working on a report that presented an in-depth look at the state of arts journalism.

I used to blog with my friend Amy about rock shows in New York, but she moved away and I got busy. More In The Monitor will rise again...some day.

After spending six years in New York City, it's great to be back in the place some call the Cradle of Western Civilization. OK, maybe only I call it the Cradle of Western Civilization, but it’s a pretty neat place that’s my forever home and you should try to visit if you can. August is the perfect time.